Sudan Sudan

This country page presents information on the post-secession country of Sudan (sometimes known as North Sudan). In 2011, Sudan was formally divided when South Sudan seceded to form a new country. The portion of the country that did not secede retained the name Sudan. In the EPDC database, the country name Sudan – Post-secession is used for education indicators reported to be representative of the geographic area of post-secession Sudan (i.e. North Sudan), and includes data for years earlier than 2011. For Indicators representative of the geographic area of pre-secession Sudan (i.e. Sudan and South Sudan combined), please search under Sudan – Pre-secession.

Post-secession Sudan has a 2-8-3 formal education structure. There are two years of pre-primary school, which has an official entry age of four and is referred to as pre-school education. Primary school, which is known as basic education, has an official entry age of six and a duration of eight grades. At the end of the cycle, students receive the basic education certificate. Secondary school, which is known as academic secondary certificate, consists of grades 9-12 and culminates in the academic secondary certificate. In addition, Sudan has multiple upper secondary vocational education tracks that last two to four years (ISCED 2011 mapping for 2013 school year).

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